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2017.03.25 Saturday 23:26:37 UTC/GMT
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2013 Classic Exchange

The AM/SSB/FM Classic Exchange will run from 1300 UTC September 15 until 0700 UTC September 16, 2013.

Call: ̴CQ Classic Exchange̵

Suggested frequencies ( +/- QRM and allowing for crystal controlled rigs):


1.885 mc
3.870 mc
7.290 mc
14.286 mc
21.420 mc
29.000 mc
50.300 mc
144.300 mc


1.895 mc
3.895 mc
7.280 mc
14.270 mc
21.370 mc
28.390 mc
50.125 mc
144.200 mc

For full details, see the CX website at

2013-09-12 21:06
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Isle of Mull DX-pedition

2013-03-20 14:51

GS3PYE/P will be active from the Isle of Mull (EU-008) on May 10-16, 2013.

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Hurricane Sandy

2012-10-25 14:10

Arnie Coro, CO2KK, Area C, Emergency Coordinator IARU Region 2, reports that Hurricane Sandy is on its way to the Cuban eastern provinces. He reports this is a very serious menace to eastern Cuba because of the large amount of rain it is transporting, that will fall on areas already saturated by heavy rains from a tropical trough.

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Last amateur operation from RadioNederland Wereldomroep

2012-09-07 14:51

The IARU member society is planning an operation using the curtain Antennas of Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Bonaire Shortwave repeater.

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Dominican Republic Emergency Network activated, given the proximity of tropical storm Isaac

2012-08-25 15:06

Dominican Republic Emergency Network activated, given the proximity of tropical storm Isaac. Frequencies, times and coordinating stations.

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